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The Charming Corgidor

Hey there, I'm Anno, your resident dork extraordinaire! I'm a unique Corgi Lab mix, also known as a Corgidor, and trust me, I'm one of a kind.

I've got a personality that's hard to put into words. Picture this: the laziest of loungers, a professional cuddler, and the most tolerant pup you've ever met. You can roll me around like a plush toy, and I won't bat an eye - as long as I'm getting attention, I'm a happy camper. If someone forgets about me, I'm not shy about vocalizing my feelings.

I've got these random bursts of playful energy, but truth be told, I'm not the best at doggy games. My buddies tend to steer clear of my quirky play style.

Now, my absolute favorite activity is the art of doing nothing - lounging and snoozing are my specialties. But don't let my laid-back demeanor fool you. When water's involved, I'm a whole different dog! Swimming is my jam, whether it's tailing you on a paddleboard or chasing down some four-legged stranger in a kayak.

Oh, and let's talk about my gift of gab. I've got a lot to say, whether it's for attention or just to share how ecstatic I am about life. The groomers know me well - I'm the talker they can't help but adore, even if I'm not a fan of standing around for too long.

As for travel, give me a destination with water, and I'm all in. Car rides might not be my favorite, but once we arrive, I'm in my element.


Now, let me share a tale of a memorable adventure. At Lake Pleasant, I was enjoying a lovely snooze in my comfy hole when, out of nowhere, I bolted up and started a wild chase. Not after a bird, mind you, but a coyote! We had a little chat, did some sniffing, and then the chase continued. By the time grandma caught me, I'd had my fill of excitement, and my paws were adorned with cactus thorns - a memento of our wild game.

I was on a leash for the rest of the day, but honestly, all I wanted to do was catch some Z's after that coyote caper.

Adopted by my grandparent's eldest daughter a few years back, my name's a tribute to my lookalike sister, Annie. And yes, we know "Anno" can be translated into something less flattering in Spanish, but hey, it suits me when I get into my goofy moods. I'm your lovable goofball, after all!

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