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The Sun-Loving Adventurer

Hey there, I'm Annie, the cuddly bundle of joy in this canine crew! A delightful mix of American Eskimo Spitz and Dachshund, I'm all about spreading warmth and love.

Cuddles are my specialty, and I'm known to transform into a little furball of happiness when someone's in need of a snuggle. When the mood strikes, I'll take a dip in the water, especially if we stumble upon a creek during our adventures.

I've got a playful side too - just watch out for my foxy noises! They come out when I'm in full play mode, and it's my way of letting everyone know that fun times are ahead.

As the seasoned traveler of the pack, I live for those special trips where it's just us, soaking up the sun's glow or snuggling up in someone's lap.

One time, on a trip to our family cabin in Happy Jack, AZ, I surprised everyone by taking an impromptu dip in the river. It was quite the balancing act on a paddleboard, but with a little help, I made my way back to dry land, though not without a few wobbles!

My humans are the best, and sometimes they like to tease me, calling me "Orphan Annie" when they think I'm pouting for attention. That's when the fox noises come out, and I bury my head in them, proving that I'm simply too cute to resist.

Remember, while Anno and I might look like siblings, we're not related, just kindred spirits in the world of adorableness. So, if you see us on our travels, don't hesitate to say hello!

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