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Meet Our Furry Family!

Getting Up Close and Personal with Our Dogs

A small white dog standing on an orange kayak in a river.

Hey there, I'm Annie, the cuddly bundle of joy in this canine crew! A delightful mix of American Eskimo Spitz and Dachshund, I'm all about spreading warmth and love.

A beagle dog sitting on a swing on the front porch of a log cabin.

Hey there, I'm Shiloh, the intrepid explorer of the bunch! As a proud Beagle, curiosity courses through my veins, and every day is a new adventure waiting to be sniffed out.

A white dog with light brown pointy ears.

Hey there, I'm Anno, your resident dork extraordinaire! I'm a unique Corgi Lab mix, also known as a Corgidor, and trust me, I'm one of a kind.

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