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Our First Dry Dock Experience with the 2001 Titanium 5th Wheel: A Winter Adventure at Bartlett Lake

A photo collage of a trip to Bartlett lake.

Before embarking on our first dry dock experience with our beloved 5th wheel we had to equip it with an inverter and a Predator 3500 generator to ensure we had access to electricity. We were accompanied by our two faithful dogs as we eagerly set off for Bartlett Lake. Little did we know that this trip would be filled with unexpected weather surprises and some valuable lessons learned.

The Journey and Ominous Clouds:

Setting out on our journey, we followed a scenic route to Bartlett Lake, taking in the beautiful landscapes along the way. However, as we drove, we noticed dark, ominous clouds looming in the sky, hinting at an impending change in weather. Undeterred, we continued our journey as the temperature was dropping, eager to reach our destination and begin our adventure.

The road leading to Bartlett Lake with a lite snow low clouds covering the desert mountains around the lake

Arriving at Bartlett Lake:

About 5 miles from Bartlett Lake, we were welcomed by raindrops. As we pressed on, the rain slowly evolved into a captivating snowfall, presenting a truly picturesque view. Mesmerized by the beauty of the falling snow and the serene lake, our attention was drawn to a dedicated fisherman in his boat on the water, undeterred by the weather. It was a testament to the unwavering passion of those who truly love to fish.

Camp Setup and Embracing the Chilly Weather:

Braving the cold and gusty winds, we wasted no time in setting up our campsite. With everything in order, we could now relax and enjoy the awe-inspiring views from the comfort of our cozy 5th wheel. The next morning graced us with cold yet exquisite dawn cold but exquisite views, with steam gently rising from the water and snow-capped mountains providing a breathtaking backdrop.

Eager to explore, we let our dogs outside, but our Beagle, unaccustomed to the chill, sought refuge on the steps, waiting patiently to be let back inside. Finding solace next to our electric fireplace, the Beagle curled up in her bed, content and warm. As the day progressed and temperatures rose slightly, our furry companions enjoyed the opportunity to stroll alongside the picturesque lake.

From inside our 5th wheel, we observed a couple who had bravely set up camp during a rainstorm. Unfazed by the weather, they delighted in a day of fishing, providing us with entertainment as we watched them skillfully reel in their catch time and time again. When the rain finally stopped, we took the opportunity to venture outside and explore. When the couple saw us, they beamed with satisfaction, holding up their haul for us to admire.

Landscape pictures of snow covered desert mountains around Bartlett Lake, Arizona. A picture of Titanium fifth wheel camper trailer. A cute beagle curled up in a hot dog, dog bed. A cute beagle sitting on the stairs of a fifth wheel camper trailer next to a cute small white dog.

Generator Troubles and an Unexpected End:

As the day wore on, the moment arrived to fire up our generator and recharge the batteries. However, upon inspection, my husband made a disheartening discovery – the batteries weren't receiving any charge. He devoted significant effort to troubleshooting the problem, only to realize that the battery charger itself required replacement. Reluctant to disrupt the peace and serenity of the lake by continuously running the generator for power, we faced a dilemma.

Sadly, with inadequate battery life to sustain our trip, we made the tough decision to cut our adventure short.

A Cute small white dog wondering around Bartlett Lake, Arizona with fog around the lake in the early morning. A picture of 2500 red dodge ram holding a Predator 3500 Inverter on front rack. Beautiful landscape pictures of Bartlett Lake with low clouds on the lake and mountains in the early morning.


Our first dry dock experience at Bartlett Lake was a bittersweet journey filled with both beauty and unexpected challenges. Despite our early departure, the memories of witnessing the enchanting snowfall, the dedication of fellow fishermen, and the breathtaking winter scenery will forever be etched in our minds. Undoubtedly, this experience has taught us valuable lessons about preparedness and the unpredictable nature of outdoor adventures. As we bid farewell to Bartlett Lake, we eagerly await our next dry dock excursion, armed with newfound knowledge and a sense of anticipation for what lies ahead.

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